10 Secrets Cops Know That Most People Don’t

Not a lot of people understand how police do their work. Because of this, a lot of assumptions and stereotyping happen judging them based on how they seem to appear. It is good to laugh over these wrong assumptions because some of them can get funny.

  • ┬áHere are some common things people don’t know that cops do.
  • Cops know how important tickets are, but they are not excited to write them. At all. They are not the antagonist in the story. But it could be okay to write a ticket if they are writing it for someone who annoys them, really.
  • Not all cops have shot anyone. In fact, almost the majority of their population have never shot anyone, meaning, they have successfully stopped a violent encounter with communication and not using weapons. But don’t be surprised if they can give you a list of those they think are deserving of being shot because of causing deadly threats.
  • A cop hopes in all his might that he can answer something else when he’s asked of “Don’t you have anything better to do?” However, in most cases, the answer is a clear “no.”
  • Don’t try to lie to a cop with the number of beers you had before driving. Most cops know the answer even before you open your mouth. They are trained to detect people who lie. If you are thinking of messing with them, you better think twice because they know better than you do.
  • If you like donuts, so do them. In fact, everybody does. They love their sweets and donuts can be on top of the list. They are made to be delicious so that people will crave for them. Another honey-glazed, please.
  • A lot of officers wonder why people like to take a video of them running after someone and getting dirty on the floor, instead of offering help. This can be true not only for cops but for other people as well. Members of the community care more about the likes the video gets on social media than the camaraderie they show cops.
  • Cops don’t care about people’s color, especially if they are running after them for a traffic violation. The only time they see the person is when they roll their windows down.
  • A lot of cops are aware that if you fix that tail light, or muffler, or whatever issue they are stopping you, they will stop chasing and bugging you.
  • Cops are aware that it is almost impossible to halt a fast car when someone drunk in the back seat needs to vomit.
  • Cops know that Tampa Bail Bonds Companies are some of the best in Florida.

Media and what it offers is not always the truth. They aim for a story and not the fact. The truth and the story are not always the same. They can be related to each other, but they aren’t the same. Cops are aware of this, but they can’t really explain why it is as it is.