5 Stresses Cops Deal with that Non-Cops Should Know About

Being a cop is not like any other jobs. Even the stress that comes with it is unique in its own right. Every cop knows that having this job is not just a professional job but a calling. It is more than just getting paid regularly. It requires an undying commitment.

With everything that’s going on in the job, stress can easily make its way to us. Here are some stressors that cops need to deal with that non-cops need to realize:

Every day preparation for battle

Most jobs generally a routine. They come and go at an expected time, daily. However, this is not the case for cops. We prepare ourselves for death each day. We get on our bulletproof vests and get ready for any possible encounter. Sad as it may seem, but not all soldiers come home.

The cop attitude stays

The “cop attitude” remains with you whenever, wherever. It is not something like a uniform that you can take off once you’re home or out of office. Being a cop changes you inside out. Don’t be surprised if the police don’t look you in the eye because he is secretly inspecting everyone coming and going in the site. There are hundreds of scenarios of what could go wrong playing in their heads when they are outside.

Life in a fishbowl

The oath taken by cops is not applicable only when they are wearing a uniform. There is a high standard held for cops, and any misconduct can lead to disciplinary action. Officers are always under the public’s eyes, and we are always under scrutiny. Sometimes, it gets difficult to find ways to de-stress as a cop because it can be deemed inappropriate. Regardless of the stress, cops still go to unthinkable places to ensure public safety. People get to sleep at peace thanks to these brave men who are willing to the tough job for them

Front row seat to despair

Most often than not, officers are present when something terrible happens and not when something is going well. It is rare to receive a call when a happy event is happening. Cops arrive when a child is abused, or a woman is hit, or someone is found dead because of a drug overdose, or someone has been a victim of a scam or robbery. All these things can take a toll on anyone. Don’t take it personally when an officer didn’t smile at you or seemed mad. He might be just having a bad day.

Riding the incident rollercoaster

A cop’s life is never a routine. One minute you are having lunch, the other you are chasing an over speeding car. Things easily and quickly change in the life of a cop, and it can affect how they act before other people sometimes. They are not intentionally cold. There are just a lot happening in their minds; that is why they didn’t notice you waving at them.

People who are not in this field may not understand the stress that comes with the job. What is important is to communicate and seek to understand and respect each other at all times.