10 Ways Law Enforcement Ruined Me As a Woman

We are not your typical definition of “feminine.”

It is tough for a woman to survive in a profession that is mainly associated known to be a man’s job. As police officers, women get a lot of expectations and stereotypes about who they are and what they should be. Although some of these stereotypes have faded through time, there are still some who see us as if we are from an entirely different world.

Being a police officer changes you a lot. From the way you think, speak, and even dress. The transformation is more than just skin-deep. At times, our femininity gets lost in the way. Some would say that we have lost refinement because the job has hardened us. But we are trying our best to keep our femininity and womanhood intact as we take on this rewarding job.

When it comes to societal views, here are ten ways law enforcement challenged me as a woman:

  •      My fashion sense is compromised

As a police officer, we are required to wear uniforms to look professional and trustworthy. Also, it will be impractical to wear anything else besides the ones we’re given. Our pants are tailor-made for active use and are typically in earth tone colors. It is also necessary for us to wear vests, which do not flatter our figures. We don’t get to wear accessories, except for the shiny metal attachments on our collars and pockets. If we can count the brooch we have as jewelry, we are thrilled to have it. We wear tactical boots that come in black. The good thing is that we can choose from different styles. Our hair? We don’t get to let it down because we have to keep it tidy. We always have to be physically fit; that is why I have more workout clothes than my wardrobe. If you run through my closet, you might get bored with the little fashion-sense I have. But I take pride in my collection of good hiking boots and running shoes.

  • I like shiny accessories that come in gunmetal gray

Other girls are raving about a handbag, while I look at the gun aisles. To me, this is my obsession. I am more excited to see holsters or looking around the hunting sections of a store than fitting cute shoes. While other women shop for clothes, I buy for ammo. These things excite me!

  • I am no damsel in distress

I don’t need anyone to take care of me because I can take care of myself, and others as well. All thanks to the training we had over the years and practical application through years of being in the service, I can protect myself from bad people. I don’t invite trouble though. I defend myself and others if the need arises.

  • Female cops have character

Don’t get me wrong. I totally think this is an attractive trait a woman can have. However, a lot of people get intimidated and shy away from us. That is why we get to date the most courageous men out there who are not afraid to make the first move on us.

  • I am good at voice projection

I am good at crowd control, especially if the kids are running wild. Everyone stops with my command. With my voice, I can rattle anyone and make them stay. This can be very effective at home when you have toddlers who keep running around.

  • People treat me as one of the dads and consults with me for decisions

Although I think it’s good that people see me as someone, they can count on for sound decisions. Sometimes I want to be at the back of the hall unnoticed. But this is not the case during PTA meetings when parents ask for your opinion, in a chorus.

  • I become socially-awkward

I enjoy people’s company, but there are days when my anti-social self gets the better of me. People get distracted by my lack of eye contact when talking to them. But don’t confuse it with disrespect, I am just busy scanning the place for any threat and looking for suspicious bystanders.

  • Book club meetings and tea parties don’t excite me

I don’t want to be put in a situation where it would be necessary to wear a dress or anything too girly for my liking. We like outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. We get dirty every once, and a while and outdoor sports are my things. Dresses and parasols or sun bonnets are simply not in my list of exciting things.

  • Sometimes I channel my inner truck driver

Although people think our sound is harsh and rough, we are not sorry about it. It may be too direct for your preference. Honestly, it can involve slang and a lot of graphic cursing. Our language can be a language that your grandmothers would not approve of. It can shock conservative parents out there. But this is who we are, and it does not lessen the fact that we are women regardless of what comes out of our mouths. Believe me when I say that we try hard not to spit these words, but they come out naturally sometimes.

  • I like camouflage

Believe it or not, it is true. I like camouflage in different colors, even pink. I love wearing warrior clothing and don’t be surprised to see lots of it in my wardrobe. Superhero emblems, skull logos, and warrior symbols are fashionable in my eyes, and I like them in various materials.

I am a total woman, regardless of these influences on my personality. I love wearing makeup and strutting beautiful heels and dresses. I have manicure and pedicure often. A trip to the spa excites me. I may not be your typical definition of feminine, but in my heart and soul, I am. I cry and laugh at any other women do. I still love it when a man opens the door for me. Female cops love romance, but we can also put you in bars in seconds, so be careful not to mess around us.   

5 Stresses Cops Deal with that Non-Cops Should Know About

Being a cop is not like any other jobs. Even the stress that comes with it is unique in its own right. Every cop knows that having this job is not just a professional job but a calling. It is more than just getting paid regularly. It requires an undying commitment.

With everything that’s going on in the job, stress can easily make its way to us. Here are some stressors that cops need to deal with that non-cops need to realize:

Every day preparation for battle

Most jobs generally a routine. They come and go at an expected time, daily. However, this is not the case for cops. We prepare ourselves for death each day. We get on our bulletproof vests and get ready for any possible encounter. Sad as it may seem, but not all soldiers come home.

The cop attitude stays

The “cop attitude” remains with you whenever, wherever. It is not something like a uniform that you can take off once you’re home or out of office. Being a cop changes you inside out. Don’t be surprised if the police don’t look you in the eye because he is secretly inspecting everyone coming and going in the site. There are hundreds of scenarios of what could go wrong playing in their heads when they are outside.

Life in a fishbowl

The oath taken by cops is not applicable only when they are wearing a uniform. There is a high standard held for cops, and any misconduct can lead to disciplinary action. Officers are always under the public’s eyes, and we are always under scrutiny. Sometimes, it gets difficult to find ways to de-stress as a cop because it can be deemed inappropriate. Regardless of the stress, cops still go to unthinkable places to ensure public safety. People get to sleep at peace thanks to these brave men who are willing to the tough job for them

Front row seat to despair

Most often than not, officers are present when something terrible happens and not when something is going well. It is rare to receive a call when a happy event is happening. Cops arrive when a child is abused, or a woman is hit, or someone is found dead because of a drug overdose, or someone has been a victim of a scam or robbery. All these things can take a toll on anyone. Don’t take it personally when an officer didn’t smile at you or seemed mad. He might be just having a bad day.

Riding the incident rollercoaster

A cop’s life is never a routine. One minute you are having lunch, the other you are chasing an over speeding car. Things easily and quickly change in the life of a cop, and it can affect how they act before other people sometimes. They are not intentionally cold. There are just a lot happening in their minds; that is why they didn’t notice you waving at them.

People who are not in this field may not understand the stress that comes with the job. What is important is to communicate and seek to understand and respect each other at all times.

10 Secrets Cops Know That Most People Don’t

Not a lot of people understand how police do their work. Because of this, a lot of assumptions and stereotyping happen judging them based on how they seem to appear. It is good to laugh over these wrong assumptions because some of them can get funny.

  •  Here are some common things people don’t know that cops do.
  • Cops know how important tickets are, but they are not excited to write them. At all. They are not the antagonist in the story. But it could be okay to write a ticket if they are writing it for someone who annoys them, really.
  • Not all cops have shot anyone. In fact, almost the majority of their population have never shot anyone, meaning, they have successfully stopped a violent encounter with communication and not using weapons. But don’t be surprised if they can give you a list of those they think are deserving of being shot because of causing deadly threats.
  • A cop hopes in all his might that he can answer something else when he’s asked of “Don’t you have anything better to do?” However, in most cases, the answer is a clear “no.”
  • Don’t try to lie to a cop with the number of beers you had before driving. Most cops know the answer even before you open your mouth. They are trained to detect people who lie. If you are thinking of messing with them, you better think twice because they know better than you do.
  • If you like donuts, so do them. In fact, everybody does. They love their sweets and donuts can be on top of the list. They are made to be delicious so that people will crave for them. Another honey-glazed, please.
  • A lot of officers wonder why people like to take a video of them running after someone and getting dirty on the floor, instead of offering help. This can be true not only for cops but for other people as well. Members of the community care more about the likes the video gets on social media than the camaraderie they show cops.
  • Cops don’t care about people’s color, especially if they are running after them for a traffic violation. The only time they see the person is when they roll their windows down.
  • A lot of cops are aware that if you fix that tail light, or muffler, or whatever issue they are stopping you, they will stop chasing and bugging you.
  • Cops are aware that it is almost impossible to halt a fast car when someone drunk in the back seat needs to vomit.
  • Cops know that Tampa Bail Bonds Companies are some of the best in Florida.

Media and what it offers is not always the truth. They aim for a story and not the fact. The truth and the story are not always the same. They can be related to each other, but they aren’t the same. Cops are aware of this, but they can’t really explain why it is as it is.