Why It’s Important to Hire Licensed and Insured Tree Service


It is crucial to select a tree company that doesn’t only have years of experience in the field, but also has the essential credentials, licenses, and insurance. Sometimes even if a company all has them, you still have to be wary in choosing only the most qualified among all. Tree work is not an easy job, and it comes with risks and dangers. For this reason, you should only entrust your property and safety to a reputable company. Some property owners choose to save money and compromise on the quality the company can offer only to spend more on repair and medical bills down the road. 

Unnecessary Removals

Aside from the possibility of liability for damages and injuries, hiring a novice tree company doesn’t have much resources and expertise as a seasoned company can offer. It is also essential to consider a company that employs an in-house arborist who knows the ins and outs of tree care. This is important because the arborist will be the one to assess and diagnose whatever issue your tree has. Some tree companies resort to tree removal when, in fact, the tree can still be saved. Unnecessary tree removal does not only cost you money, but it also impacts the overall beauty of your landscape. Look for a company that is committed to taking care of trees and not about earning your hard-earned money. Keep in mind that tree removal should only be done if the tree is dead, dying, or beyond recovery.

How can you save yourself and property from non-qualified tree service companies?


It is easy to acquire insurance for a year of coverage. This can be obtained with one down payment, but you don’t want to settle for anything less. You are always free to call the insurance company to ask for the tree service’s present coverage. Insurance and worker’s compensation are not cheap, but they are the tree company’s responsibly to protect their clients and employees. You can quickly tell a professional and a fly-by-night company just by looking at their credentials. Unqualified companies provide low ball offers, but at the expense of your safety. 


Obtain a list of satisfied customers from your prospective tree company and make time to call them.   


Tree work involves using equipment that is highly dangerous such as chainsaws and chippers. Learn about the company’s safety policies before hiring them. Do they require their employees to wear proper personal protective equipment like safety glasses and hard hats? Do they run a background check on their workers? Are they accredited and certified by tree authorities such as the International Society of Arboriculture? 


  • Do door-to-door soliciting your business
  • Offer service without providing a written estimate or contract
  • Offer their service for a meager price
  • Ask for payment upfront

A reputable tree company would secure certifications from two of the following authorities in the tree industry:  

TCIA Members- the Tree Care Industry Association, is a highly esteemed accreditation program that educates tree companies on specific standards on tree care as well as train employees to use safe practices. 

ISA Certified Arborists- an arborist who is certified by the ISA is skilled and knowledgeable in the nitty-gritty of arboriculture. You should also have at least three years of experience in the field and a degree in arboriculture. 

Be sure to hire a tree service company that is licensed, insured, and certified by accreditation bodies. Don’t settle for just any company you stumble upon. Only trust a company that employs certified arborists and puts their customer’s safety first. Look for a company that cares for the health of your trees and doesn’t remove them unless deemed necessary. Choose a company you feel safe with, knowing that you will be compensated for in case an unwanted accident happens.

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